Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Doggy Racism: Radio Personality Advocates Poisoning Pit Bulls

This morning, I was appalled at what I read. According to, a San Francisco based pit bull advocacy group, a dj for station KGO advised a woman to kill her neighbor's dog by throwing poisoned meat over the fence. Len Tillem, the attorney and radio personality, offered an apology the following day after numerous complaints to the station and threats of FCC intervention.

Personally, I'm appalled by these pit bull advocates. Animals are basically the last group we have left to discriminate against. It's so easy. They don't complain about making lower wages. They don't care if they're allowed to vote or not. And they don't mind riding in the back of the bus. Assuming, of course, that the bus is heading towards a slaughter house.

So I applaud you, Len Tillem, for encouraging people to commit animal cruelty. Some might label this as nothing more than doggy racism, and they'd be right. And the fervor that we failed to subdue with blacks in the 1950's and 60's and women in the 1920's, must be increased when it comes to animal rights in this decade. Because if we, as Americans, lose the right to impede on the rights of others, what rights will we have left? Well, at least we'll still have Mexicans (Oh! Almost forgot about the homosexuals!).

Len Tillam: Let me ask you a question. I'm not encouraging it. Have you already started thinking about rat poison wrapped in hamburger meat thrown over the fence?
Caller: Uhm...No
LT: Well you should
Caller: Well I thought of something but I have a cat...
LT: Oh wait til they kill your cat. Pit bulls love to kill cats. Wait and see what and your 3 year old kid will have to go to therapy because he saw his dead cat being chewed up by the pit bull.
Caller: Oh I hope not.
LT: Welcome to pit bull world. And everything I'm saying about pit bulls I mean and I know with all my heart is true and if you own a pit bull you're an idiot.

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Cheryl said...

Don't forget fat people. America still loves to hate on fat people.