Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ricky Martin is a Homosexual and Apparently That's Funny

A few weeks ago, an unsuspecting teenage girl accidentally texted my wife's cell phone. Unbeknown to this girl, there are folks out there who will play along and pretend to be people that they clearly aren't. Bekki is one of those folk.

Miss Lovelace: What's up girlie?

Bekki: I'm watching Oprah and eating chalupas.

Miss Lovelace: Oh, yeah. What's she talking about?

Bekki: Ricky Martin's on, now. He's talking about how he's a fag.

Miss Lovelace: LOL. You're too funny.

Bekki: Yeah, my prejudices are pretty funny.

1 comment:

Peter Varvel said...

Bekki is OSSUM.
I would so love to be in a show, in theater with her so we could be our own version of "Mean Girls."