Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mark Sanford Pops His Cherry

By now everyone's exhausted by the news of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and his torrid love affair. Not to beat a dead horse (or a dying career), but the sympathetic voices have been silent for too long. Yes, he left the country over Father's Day weekend to sleep with an Argentinian woman. Yes, he used tax-payer money to fund the trip and past trips. Yes, he had Joel Sawyer publicly state that he was hiking the Appalachian Trail. And yes, after being caught he described every minute detail on national television. But is it really the fact that Sanford slept with this woman that has the media in such an uproar? Or the way in which he defended himself?

Many Democrats would describe Sanford's actions as "hypocritical" considering his opposition towards Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal. In actuality, though, Sanford's actions are not hypocritical. He is merely carrying on the long tradition of politicians to say one thing and then secretly do another. It's only hypocrisy if you believe what you're saying. Besides, what powerful politician hasn't had an extramarital affair? Clinton, Kennedy, Edwards? The problem lies not in the affair, but his admission of emotional connection. If you're on a diet and you sneak a piece of cake- it's ok! Just don't start calling that piece of cake your "soul-mate". Sanford, you have a lot to learn about womanizing.


Louise Larsen said...

Good points, but these days he'd piss people off a lot less if he'd spent his own money on his mid-life crisis.

Can you imagine if the Governator used California funds to screw around?

OMG, These days they'd lynch him if he flew to Fresno, let alone South America.

But, you're right. We are a puritanical and hypocritical nation, sadly.

Michael DeAntonio said...

Sanford refused national bailout money for his (my) state due to the 'principal' of the matter. It must be hard for him to make that kind of sacrifice. Well, it might be hard for him minus his money and social status. So I guess it's only hard for the majority of South Carolinians living below the poverty line.