Sunday, August 23, 2009

Don't Take Your Guns to Townhall Meetings

Back in 1958, a young man by the name of Johnny Cash wrote a bunch of songs that a bunch of people enjoyed. One of those songs was called "Don't Take Your Guns to Town". It's about a young man who disregards his mother's advice and brings his pistols into town with him. He's convinced that he can elude trouble, but is in the end gunned down by someone faster and more experienced. The moral? Even though he wasn't looking for trouble, he found it by putting himself in a real stupid situation.

Enter this man: William Kostric. Someone who was foolish enough to bring a loaded handgun to a town hall meeting last week where the President was speaking about health care reform. Too bad he didn't accidentally "reach for it". You know how bored those Secret Service guys must get.

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Prince Gomolvilas said...

Now, you see, I expect something like that to happen in, say, South Carolina, and not New Hampshire! What is this world coming to?!