Friday, August 28, 2009

Like a Pit Bull on a Preschooler

Earlier this week I attended a refresher course for my company. It was a two day class held outside of Charlotte, NC. One particular lecture stuck out in my mind. The speaker was talking about aggression at the work place in relation to motivation and he used the analogy of a "pit bull on a preschooler". It got the point across, but it also got me thinking about human nature and eugenics.

So I will ignore the years of abuse and neglect that "pit bull type" dogs have received as the root of their aggression. Instead I will focus only on the outcome of our mismanagement of these dogs and applaud cities like Denver, CO and Miami, FL for calling for the extermination of "dangerous breeds". Likewise, did you know that African Americans account for 39% of the prison population* and only 13% of the general population? Ignoring 400 years of abuse and neglect, I wonder if they qualify under Breed Specific Legislation?

On a similar note, while I was driving to Charlotte for the seminar I saw a dog walking down the side of I-40. Naturally I stopped and tried to coax the dog away from traffic. Upon seeing me the dog fled further down the highway. The breed? The dreaded American Pit Bull Terrier. I can only assume that he wasn't running away from me, but towards a preschool.

* Federal Bureau of Prisons


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