Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gays Seek Abortion Rights Under Obama's Healthcare Plan

Shame on Congress for bowing to the whims of a tyrannical madman like Barack Obama. I'm speaking, of course, of the recent victory for health care reform. How dare those lofty leftwing liberals in their ivory towers try to hold huge multinational conglomerates to ethical standards. The American people are smart enough to know when they're being ripped off, right? Just like I don't need the FDA forcing dairy farmers to keep their milk free of bovine tuberculosis. I've been around enough cows to know what clean milk tastes like.

Now Barney Frank is crying to the media over being called 'faggot' by Republican demonstrators. He knows what he is. He likes being called a faggot. If he didn't, he wouldn't have chosen that lifestyle, and put himself in the company of so many Republican tea baggers. It's like young girls acting shocked when a guy calls them 'slut'. They know they're sluts and they're secretly happy that they're being recognized as such. Why are they sluts? If you only knew what they were doing in Mark Foley's imagination, you wouldn't even ask.

And why buy the cow when you can get your bovine tuberculosis for free? That's what John McCain and Rudy Giuliani did. Both Republicans left their wives for younger, newer, faster versions. These men were faced with the decision that all men are faced with; whether or not to have sexual relations with other men. Unlike Barney Frank, they made the right decision and opted to let out their sexual frustrations with women they kept on the side. And now that the government is giving away free abortions under their new health care bill, I wonder if Frank will turn from his homosexual ways and start milking cows.


Louise Larsen said...


Good God.

Tell Bekki to kick your ass for these opinions.

Michael DeAntonio said...

Louise, my sarcasm might be laid on a tad thick here. What's really shocking is that 'gays seeking abortion rights' is actually a believable Republican rallying cry.

Louise Larsen said...

Anything screwed up beyond all comprehension is a believable Republican rallying cry.

Oh, I got the scasm. Truthfully, I'm pretty worried about the world these days. The punch back from the right re: current events is going to be uglier than even we expect, I fear.

But, maybe I'm just being paranoid.

Louise Larsen said...

By the way.

Could you please pick a nicer photo of my boy, Mr. Frank?