Monday, March 1, 2010

"Oh, Yeah" by Foxy Brown

Every time I get a free day by myself, I always end up cleaning the house and listening to extremely loud rap music. With a baby on the way, these days might be numbered. Today was no different. I even came across an old Foxy Brown song that I absolutely love. Bekki says I'm the only person who still listens to Foxy, but whatever. Watch:


Anonymous said...

that's not true. foxy has over 14000 followers on twitter.. without being in the public eye. she is a phenomonal rapper

anyway check out her new single "she's a biker" & "let em know".. youtube or google those :)

Emily said...

my two year old still rocks out to tribe called quest and outkast as we clean the house. you don't have to stop. you don't.

redvelvetfemme said...

bekki is wrong! now i love foxy and i really love some tribe, but you know who's the best to clean the house to? khia! thug missus! thanks for always giving me a good laugh.