Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain. The Gay Cowboy Movie. I actually didn't think it was that gay. Anything with Roy Rogers is way gayer and way more cowboyier. He wears yellow paisley shirts and pink bandannas. I'm no expert on gay culture or cowboy culture, but I think he would get some pretty stern looks if he walked into a dude ranch looking like Captain Crunch.

Heath Ledger was hot in that movie. It's kinda hard not to look hot when you're wearing blue jeans and riding a horse. Even Randy Quaid looked hot riding a horse (He played the angry sheep herder). Ledger did mumble throughout the film, though. He reminded me of the gopher from the Winnie the Pooh series. He slurred so much when he talked that the first time I watched the film I thought his name was Anus instead of Ennis. Anus would have been so much cooler.

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Emily said...

my husband allowed me my love of brokeback despite his own resistance to it. and, while i yelled at him for cringing during their first real sex scene (even i though ennis might get hurt), he did rub my shoulders (however briefly) while i cried reading the original short story by annie proulx. he also wished ennis's name was anus. i'm glad you enjoyed it. while i don't pay much attention to today's superstars, i did feel a hole in my heart when ledger passed. i couldn't help it. i loved his mumble.