Saturday, October 31, 2009

Top 5 Scary Movies

  • 1. The Shining The 1980 film directed by Stanley Kubrick was an adaptation of the Stephen King novel of the same name. It stars Jack Nicholson.

  • 2. The Night of the Living Dead Although I was first exposed to the 1990 remake, the original from 1968 was directed by George A. Romero and set the archetype for moden zombie films.

  • 3. Halloween No critique of the horror genre is complete without mentioning John Carpenter's 1978 masterpiece. This film ushered in a slew of slasher films, including the Friday the 13th franchise as well as numerous sequels and remakes.

  • 4. Interview with the Vampire Perhaps my favorite vampire movie, this 1994 film is based on the 1976 novel of the same name by Anne Rice. It stars Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and a young Kristen Dunst.

  • 5. 28 Days Later Set in post-apocolyptic England, this zombie film stars Cillian Murphy and Naomie Harris. For its depiction of a desolate London void of any life or civilization, it is required viewing.

Also, I just saw Zombieland and was floored. It was entertaining, funny and scary. I strongly recommmend it to anyone who enjoys campy horror films such as the Evil Dead series.

These are my top 5, what are yours?


Prince Gomolvilas said...

That Sarah Palin interview with Katie Couric was pretty scary. Does that count?

Peter Varvel said...

I loved the Nightmare on Elm St. series. I'm looking forward to the remake of the original.
I think it's interesting that they are going to leave out the whole camp/comedy factor.
Should be good and scary!

Michael DeAntonio said...

Prince- Anything with Sarah Palin is frightening.

Peter- They should be able to do some wickedly cool things with todays special effects. The new Freddy movie ought to be wild. I am saddened, however, that Robert Englund will not be reviving his role as Mr. Krueger.

Cheryl said...

I loved Zombieland too. My favorite straight-up horror movie is probably The Orphanage. I ran around my house shivering and jumping at noises for a good 24 hours after renting it.

Tyedbylove said...

My favorite would have to be Exorcist III. The original was okay. The Second one was so bad as to make me wish that I could claim that I had never seen it. But the third one was one of the best I have ever seen. It was almost like a Hitchcock and King love child.
Ewwww that thought is scary in itself!