Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who's the Animal?

With all the media hype, it's easy for most people to categorize pit bull type dogs and guard dogs as monsters, but the reality is that they are just dogs. It's amazing that so many of them can remain so loving and trusting after what humans have put them through. So why do we punish dogs for doing what they're taught to and ignore the hands that force them into these conditions?

Michael Vick wasn't imprisoned simply for dog fighting. He was imprisoned for shooting, electrocuting, drowning and beating numerous dogs to death who refused to fight. The remains of these dogs were found lying around his property. The NFL has reinstated Vick and, for purely monetary reasons, the SPCA has endorsed him as a reformed spokesman.

These dogs aren't monsters and didn't ask to live these typs of lives. Watch:


Katherine said...

Michael Vick = Monster- but don't worry everyone, Goodell made sure that no one with divisive views would be part of the NFL as a minority share owner of a privately owned NFL team. What a hypocritical prick.

redvelvetfemme said...

i actually hate any sort of media where animals' lips and/or faces are manipulated to make it look like they're talking, but this one did make me get a little tear in my eye. goodell may be a prick, but i do believe that wayne pacelle is the new ingrid newkirk for all his lies and hypocrisy.

Peter Varvel said...

I cannot hear/see/read these kinds of stories.
I simply cannot.
I love you for including the SCPBRescue link.