Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Wu Roll Together As One

The way I see it, the Wu-Tang Clan ought to form their own political party. By the way the Democrats and Republicans carry on, it's obvious that American politics is little more than tribal warfare anyways. Who do you have your money on; Al Franken or Ghostface Killah?

Lord knows there's enough of them to pose an actual threat to the political structure of this country. They're like the Kennedy's, but without the mafia connections. Old Dirty Bastard is sort of like the Wu's JFK. Overdosing on coke is a little different than assassination, but not much.

And don't think they could manage fiscal reform? Just look what they did with Wu Wear. Sure every rap artist has their own fashion line nowadays, but the Wu were pioneers. They brought financial diversification to hip hop in an age where getting shot was thought to strengthen your portfolio. Think of what they could do with healthcare in this country. All this talk of bipartisianship is nothing more than political filler. At the end of the day the Republicans turn up their noses at anything the Democrats do and vice versa. Obama may pussyfoot around, but the Wu does not.


Katherine said...

Hands down, Ghostface Killah.

Cheryl said...

I would like the Obamas to launch a fashion line. Cute A-line dresses and the occasional mom jeans for men.