Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Men Who Stare at Cartoons; or The Legend of [adult swim]

As a teenager, I cringed at the robust laughter coming from my friends as they watched Cartoon Network's [adult swim]. Now as an adult, it helps to unwind from thoughts of earthly atrocities with a nice dose of the absurd. Throughout the day I find myself singing the theme song from Aqua Teen Hunger Force and quoting Family Guy as if it were holy scripture.

Squidbillies is perhaps my favorite show. There is even a family that lives about a block from my wife and I who we lovingly refer to as the Squidbillies. They aren't aquatic, but they are very "low income" and seem to enjoy many "low income activities". I was watching an episode of the Boondocks a few weeks ago and cranked up the volume when I heard Wu Tang Clan playing in the background. I knew right then that this is the greatest late night programming there has ever been or will ever be. Watch:

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