Thursday, December 17, 2009

Babies and Dogs Are Kinda the Same Thing

"Kids are like dogs that slowly learn how to talk". I'm pretty sure that quote comes from the film Knocked Up. If anyone knows definitively, please clue me in. Wherever the origin of the particular quote, I feel it rings true. I for one can't wait until the first time I see my little bundle of joy dropping a deuce in the backyard. Or the first time s/he stands over me with a menacing look to establish pack dominance. Ah, precious memories.

Will I feel the same love towards the baby that I do towards the dogs? Don't underestimate my feelings for our four-legged family members. Hell, I even have a leather wallet with a corner chewed up. I can't remember which dog committed the crime, but I smile fondly every time I look at it. Will spit-up on my favorite shirt do the same thing? And when strangers walk up innocently and ask what breed the baby is, how should I respond? There are so many questions that I suppose I'll just have to figure out along the way.

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Louise Larsen said...

I know it seems inconceivable right now -- but you will even feel more (yes, it is possible) but more love toward your baby than you do your already very loved pets.

I should know -- I LOVE my pets. Nobody could have loved their pets more than I do.

But, babies -- will eclipse that.

But, don't waste time feeling guilty about that: It's a blessing.

It will mean that your heart will grow so large that you can love your pets as much as you still do AND you can ALSO love you baby that much more, too.

All that love WILL fit into your heart.

That is the blessing that babies bring us.

And -- you will only hear me wax religious about one subject, and one subject alone: our children.

Having children is the only thing that I've experienced that makes me think God exists.