Monday, December 14, 2009

Outlaw Poetry: The Perfect Holiday Gift

It's hard to believe that it's almost Christmas. I for one have made a last minute mad dash to the stores to finish (start?) my Christmas shopping. I know I can't be the only one, so if any of you Procrastinating Petes out there haven't bought all your gifts yet, I know of a literary masterpiece that deserves to be in any educated person's collection. The work in question is Outlaw Poetry and it's by a very talented and handsome young man who would be more than grateful to spill his heart to you this holiday season. And the first taste is always free, so here you go:

The Devil’s Tide

Salt water splashes up to relieve me from the heat
From this bridge I watch it reaching up to touch my dangling feet
On my chest each bead of sweat reflects the sunlight glistening
And the wind hides ‘neath the bridge like a train that’s whistling

Passed down family stories that reached me as a child
About the islands long ago when they still were young and wild
From its bottle littered shore men would test the devil’s tide
Their bellies filled with stolen beer and mischief in their eyes

In the bamboo forest making love to that same sweet girl I still do
Drinking way too much and puffing on that same cigarette that killed you
We thought to swim the devil’s tide, our manhood to declare
Our bellies slowly filled with fear, no thrill has since compared

On the day we spread your ashes where your soul has always been
On the shoreline I stood thinking you would escape him once again
And that as a child I would long in your shadow to reside
But damn if I hadn’t missed my chance to swim the devil’s tide

On the bridge above Breach Inlet, where the wind sweeps away rogue tears
And thoughts of boyhood chances that have escaped me with the years
No longer am I running for tomorrow or away from thoughts that bother
So here I sit and stare across the sunlit devil’s water

And at $6.99, why not?

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