Monday, February 8, 2010

Deliciously Deviant Dexter

Through the beauty of Netflix, the wife and I just got finished watching the entire first season of Showtime's drama Dexter. For anyone not familiar with the show, it stars Michael C. Hall as a blood splatter analyst working for the Miami police department. In his spare time he also likes to stalk and murder 'bad guys' in a ritualistic fashion. I wonder if South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is next on his list.

[spoiler alert] The first season centers around this vigilante serial killer and his journey of self discovery. He finds out he has a brother. His brother is also a serial killer. Michael C. Hall marries the girl who plays his sister, which is gross because it's incest, but more like TV incest which is considerably less gross due to the fact that it's not real. And even if it were real, she's only his sister through adoption, but still the psychological bond is there. Right? [end spoiler alert]

And Dexter's sister is like a gerbil in a hamster wheel. She keeps searching for love, but she never really gets anywhere. I think she'd be great with Sgt. Doakes (played by Erik King). If you watch the show, don't worry. I don't know anything. I'm just guesstilating. Although I wouldn't be surprised if Dexter sabotaged that relationship. I watched Six Feet Under. I'm fully aware of his preoccupation with bald black guys. His relationship with Keith was tumultuous at best. I'm just sayin', watch out Montel Williams.

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