Sunday, February 21, 2010

President Obama and His Radical Homosexual Agenda

There are alot of people talking right now about how President Obama has let them down. I might as well be one of them. So here it goes; President Obama has let me down. And it's not the usual petty politics that has me so upset. It isn't the economy. It isn't health care. And it certainly isn't LGBT rights. All of which, coincidentally, are the reasons I voted for the man in the first place. His failure, or 'lack of progress', in these areas might be enough for the average left wing nut job to doubt our commander in chief, but it takes more than that to rile my tail feathers. And it isn't his lack of patriotism as Glen Beck might have you believe, but rather his lack of facial hair. On a side note- Barney Frank, if you're really a homosexual, where are you hiding your moustache?

Not since William Howard Taft has a president had the audacity to dawn facial hair. Sure you're the first black president, but without a really cool set of mutton chops, does it really even count? Shaft didn't seem to think so. And what about Isaac Hayes? Sure he would have still been funky without his signature beard, but he wouldn't have been superfunky. And in a world where politicians get up every morning and shave their man-fur, we need superfunky. But I suppose that looking presidential is sort of your thang, Obama. So if you're not going to walk the walk, the least you could do is talk the talk. Let's go back to Barney Frank. The man is probably the 'talk the talkiest' person in Washington. He's not afraid to speak the truth. If he's not going to fix the economy, he doesn't say he will. In the old days it was called being a 'man of your word'. Hell, even those closeted Republicans could learn a thing or two from Frank. If you're going to choose the homosexual lifestyle over a normal and moral lifestyle, at least own up to it. Don't organize witch hunts and condemn your fellow sinners. Instead, these Log Cabin Republicans choose to arrange phony marriages to women in order to appear more electable. Shame on these women who marry politicians only to hide their gayness. What do they call them? Oh, yeah, beards.

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