Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hunting for Strange Ass at the Grocery Store

Flowers. Hallmark cards. Heart-shaped candy and boxes of assorted chocolates. Is there anything that sums up February more than Valentine's Day? Well, besides black history? I doubt it. The fact is, February is for lovers. And why should I be denied love just because I'm married? That's why I've decided to throw my hat into a couple of the better known dating sites;,, ect. I'm hoping to find someone who looks like the Sun Maid Raisins lady. And if that doesn't pan out, I wouldn't mind having lunch with the girl from the Santitas bag.

The wife is strangely unopposed to this idea. Perhaps she's too distracted by the ungodly creature that's tap dancing on her bladder. Whatever the case, I'm overjoyed by the opportunity to bring disappointment and regret to a new generation of women. I say women, because I was under the impression that these dating sites are strictly heterosexual. I'm just waiting for a few queens out there to prove me wrong and point me in a more flamboyant direction. I wonder if the Brawny guy is available.

Oddly enough, my son is also for sale. The wife and I have been pimping out his baby registry info to anyone and everyone who will listen. Well, are you listening? #43691882 at babiesRus . And if unrewarded generosity is as unappealing to you as it is to me, I'm offering the consolation prize of naming my son. The first person to buy something from our registry will get the honor of naming our son. I'm not just talking abut the first name, either. I'm talking about the whole shabang. How does Louise Larsen, Jr. sound? Or Prince Gomolvilas, Jr.? And, Prince, if the Brawny guy is available, I'll take the one from the 1980's. I can't resist a guy with a moustache.


Supermom said...

HA HA!!!!!!

Tell me how the dating game goes!

Michael DeAntonio said...

It's not going so hot, but I'm sure it'll gain traction. Hey, Supermom would be a pretty cool name for a little boy, don't cha think?

Supermom said...

You know I went to your registry and tried to order the adorable duckie robe but they don't have paypal option and I was too high on meds to go get my purse. Or lazy. Same difference!

I will order it though because I love it!!!!

If I have a son next I'm loving the names Caleb, Jacob or Jake.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Is anything a dollar?

And I would like you to name the boy "Chocolate Dream," as in "Chocolate Dream DeAntonio."

Michael DeAntonio said...

Prince, I'll have to start calling him that and see if it sticks.